Helpful Fab Charts

MIT.nano is in the process of absorbing the fabrication tools and capabilities of the Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL) in building 39.

During this transitional time, this MIT.nano user website is the most up-to-date resource. However, some relevant and useful information is still on the MTL website. Select pages are listed below.

PTC Process Matrix: This chart allows you, at a glance, to determine what machine your wafers can go into depending on its attributes. (Note: Clicking this link will download an excel sheet.)

Machine Charge Chart: This chart explains how tool usage in MTL's fabrication facilities will be billed to the user. Units of measure vary by tool.

Training Chart: Following the MIT.nano orientation and successful completion of safety training, individual training and instruction is given on each piece of equipment required by the user in his/her research project. Find machine specialists using this chart.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP): This list includes SOPs written by other researchers and guidelines for writing your own SOPs.

Etch Tool Summary Chart: Descriptions and notes of nano etch tools.

RTA Machines: A summary of RTA machines and their functions.