Emergency Preparedness

Safety is a priority in MIT.nano and requires our entire building community to be engaged, aware, and prepared. Our goals are to be proactive in preventing emergencies and to be prepared so we know what to do if an emergency occurs.

Emergency contacts

MIT Police: 617-253-1212

For Police, Fire, Ambulance emergencies, contact MIT Police at any time by dialing 100 from a campus VoIP phone, 617-253-1212 from any phone, or by using a blue emergency phone. We strongly recommend that you program this number into your phone.

MIT.nano Emergency Response Team: 617-258-8674

MIT.nano has organized an Emergency Response Team (ERT) to address laboratory emergencies, such as chemical spills and gas leaks. Researchers will find the contact phone number for the ERT posted on the campus VoIP phones throughout the various laboratory spaces.

The ERT may also be reached through the MIT Operations Center by dialing 617-258-8674 and requesting to speak with the MIT.nano ERT. The MIT.nano ERT is available 24/7 and members are certified to the OSHA Emergency Response Technician level.

Facilities-related emergency repairs: 617-253-4948

During normal hours, notify MIT.nano staff and the EHS coordinator. If unable to reach a staff member or the building problem occurs after hours, contact the MIT Operations Center for 24/7 facilities-related emergency repairs, dial 617-253-4948.

MIT Health urgent care line: 617-253-4481 option 5

MIT Health 24-hour phone assistance is available for urgent, but non-life-threatening emergencies. Dial 617-253-4481 to receive advice for non-life-threatening medical emergencies at any time. For life-threatening emergencies, contact MIT Police immediately.

Emergency preparedness


Researchers using MIT.nano laboratories and other occupants of the building are required to complete emergency preparedness training. This training is also available to the entire MIT community through the Learning Center. Because MIT.nano in Building 12 is part of the connective tissue of main campus, MIT community members who frequent the building are strongly encouraged to review this training.

Emergency Management

The Emergency Management Office maintains the Emergency Response Guide. It is strongly recommended that you review this information to familiarize yourself with campus emergency protocols. Please refer to your MIT.nano training for emergency procedures specific to MIT.nano laboratories.

Environment Health and Safety

The MIT.nano Manager of Safety Systems and Programs serves as the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for MIT.nano, and should be contacted with any questions related to emergency preparedness in Building 12. The EHS Office is also a resource for you in preparing to work safely in labs and become more prepared for emergencies.

Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP)

This document constitutes the Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) required by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) of 1970 and regulations of the U.S. Department of Labor. See the chemical hygiene plan for Building 12.