Deactivating an account

How to deactivate a user account

Steps for an MIT.nano user to deactivate their fab access (and stop the associated fees):

  1. Log into MTL-NANO MUMMS.
  2. Click on the “Manage Your Services."
  3. Remove any services you no longer need.
    • If you want to stop MTL-related lab access identicard and user compute account fees, then make sure to remove all B39-related services.

Steps for a user's supervisor or supervisor administrator to deactivate a user's account:

  1. Log into MTL-NANO MUMMS.
  2. Click on “Manage Users.”
  3. Select the user in question and choose "Request Inactivation" on the user's main page.

If you need assistance with MTL-NANO MUMMS or are having difficulty requesting deactivation of a user, contact us