Existing MTL/MRL users

All existing users are strongly encouraged to review the user policies before conducting research at MIT.nano.

For existing MTL users

In 2019, MIT.nano assumed responsibility for managing the Microsystems Technology Laboratory (MTL) facilities and equipment. Currently, more than 120 tools and instruments under our administration have been moved to MIT.nano (Building 12), while others remain in their present MTL spaces in Buildings 39 and 24. For administrative purposes, all belong to the MIT.nano toolsets.

Existing MTL users have access to any of these facilities, utilizing their existing MTL MUMMS/CORAL accounts. You may, however, need to add additional services and satisfy additional prerequisites to access facilities within Building 12.

Note that as more equipment transitions to Building 12 in the coming months and years, new reservation and usage procedures specific to MIT.nano will be implemented. These policies may differ from MTL’s. Email us with questions.

For existing MRL users

Non-MTL users, including current users of the Materials Research Laboratory (MRL) facilities, need to register and create accounts in the MIT.nano/MTL system in order to access MIT.nano, as well as complete any additional training and safety prerequisites to access facilities within Building 12.

To do so, follow the same steps as a new internal user to MIT.nano. If you encounter any problems or have questions, email us .