Staff Assistance Request


Use this form to submit a request for MIT.nano Staff Assistance for equipment maintenance, support, or fabrication service. These requests are evaluated on a case-by-case to determine if we staff have sufficient time and expertise to help. The schedule and scope of the project must be agreed to ahead of time and extention of the time requested must be resubmitted and re-evaluated. MIT.nano Staff have a primary responsibility to the Shared Equipment in the laboratory and all staff assistance efforts have secondary priority; we cannot accomodate open-ended projects at this time.

There is a combination of overhead that adds up to significant time commitments (communication, coordination pre/post work inefficiencies, etc) that are built into our cost structure. For each day that work is taking place we will charge:
One Half Day + Time Spent on Work ($357 + $89.25/hr)

MIT.nano Staff do not typically perform "fab-for-fee" services (running a process for someone), however, for simple one-off fabrication projects we will consider the requests. Typically this would be a 1-2 step process to be run on a small number of samples, one time. These requests also require an approved PTC Process submission.
Please provide the details of your request.
We will do our best to achieve the target date.
How many hours do you estimate the request will take?
What is the urgency of your request?
Provide a cost object associated with this project (for billing purposes). Billing will be through CORAL.