Who can use MIT.nano?

Categories of facility users

MIT.nano is a shared-use facility accepting users from inside and outside of MIT. An individual’s user category dictates the base rate to use MIT.nano equipment. It may also determine scheduling and other factors. 

The user categories are:

  • Internal users (MIT): Internal users include MIT students, faculty, and other research personnel.
  • External users:
    • Academic and government users are members of other college and university communities, including students, faculty, and other research personnel.
    • Non-academic and other users are employees of the MIT.nano Consortium, external organizations, and companies including start-ups.

Approval accounts

Some services requested by individual users require approval from a designated staff person from their department or lab, such as PIs and administrative or financial staff. The platform for this oversight is called MUMMS.

Approvers will need their own account in order to approve requests for access and charges/billing for users from their departments and labs. This account will also permit you to monitor charges and other information related to your users.

To establish an MIT.nano account to manage charges for users:

Undergraduate students

Institute policy states that undergraduate students shall not work alone with hazardous materials, equipment, or operations, and other activities undertaken in facilities like MIT.nano, with limited exceptions. Email us if you are an undergraduate student with questions about accessing our laboratories and equipment.