CryoEM Facility links and tools

Sample registration form—required for each new sample brought to the facility. External user samples may require registration on MIT.nano's Biological Research Registration in order to meet Institute requirements for research involving biological materials on campus.

Session request form—for users who are not able to sign up for instruments in Coral. All equipment is included in the form and options for requesting assistance and training are available.

Grid inventoryfor tracking the flow of grids from delivery to the microscope and back to storage. All microscope sessions must have a grid inventory sheet and the hard copy of the grid inventory stays with the facility. If you are submitting the grid inventory electronically, please email it to

Cryo specimen preparation sheet—optional recordkeeping tool for the plunging process on the Vitrobot.

Dry shipper instructions—guide for users sending samples to the Cryo-EM Facility.

CryoEM Facility policies—updated as of July 1, 2023. Guidelines for users and staff as we work together in the facility.

MIT.nano user policies—keep these policies in mind as you work in the MIT.nano building.

CORAL—link to a web browser version of Coral, the scheduling platform.

Navigating Coral—guide for using the scheduling platform that requires your MUMMS ID and password for access. Contains details how to run Coral remotely.