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Talos Arctica G2 Cryo-TEM

Talos Arctica is a state-of-the-art (200kV) cryogenic transmission electron microscope optimized for high-throughput single-particle cryo-EM imaging. Arctica can be used for high throughput specimen screening and automated collection.

  • 200kV X-FEG
  • Digital FluCam – All manual and automatic alignments can be executed with the search and view camera
  • Falcon 3EC
  • Ceta 16M Camera
  • Autoloader - up to 12 grids can be loaded simultaneously under cryogenic conditions
  • Automated data collection 
  •  Imaging of vitrified biological or beam sensitive materials

Sarah Sterling, PhD
Department of Biology
Cryo-EM Facility Director

Jenn Podgorski, PhD
Department of Biology
Research Scientist

MIT.nano (basement level)
60 Vassar Street (rear)
Cambridge, MA


Reservation Rules

Prior to scheduling a session for screening, samples should be registered on a MIT BRR and characterized (e.g., in negative stain) for suitable dispersion, homogeneity, etc.


MIT.nano (basement level)
60 Vassar Street (rear)
Cambridge, MA