Fab.nano storage cubbies

MIT.nano offers storage cubbies inside the Fab.nano cleanroom (Building 12) for users to store their samples, notebooks, and supplies. In addition to helping researchers have a place to keep these items, these cubbies help MIT.nano maintain the pristine cleanroom environment by eliminating constant exit and re-entry of these items.

MIT.nano has two sizes of storage cubbies available: standard (12” wide x 18” deep) and a limited number of large sample cubbies (24” wide x 18” deep). To request a cubby, follow these steps.

1. Complete this form to request a storage cubby.

New labels are printed and placed on Monday mornings following your request. Cubby locations are in Bays 12U, 10U, and 8L. If you have a specific location preference, please note that in your request and we will do our best do accommodate.

2. Be prepared for a monthly charge on your default Fab.nano cost object in MUMMS.

MIT.nano charges $10/month for standard cubbies and $30/month for large sample cubbies. The cost is mainly to prevent people from unnecessary storage and hoarding spaces, as well as to empty their cubby when they graduate.

We want to reiterate that these storage cubbies are for samples, notebooks, and supplies only. Chemicals and labware are not allowed to be stored in these locations; we have separate processes for bringing in and storing those items if needed. If a lock is required for your work, that should be discussed with MIT.nano staff.