Confirm or change your cost object

Your cost object (also referred to as a "charge allocation") must be approved before your MIT.nano services can be activated. Follow these steps to check and resend your request to the cost object owner if needed.

1. Log in to and select View Your User Information.

MUMMS view your user information button


2. Approved cost objects will appear under your "Charge Allocations." Select view/modify to see details.

MUMMS view/modify cost allocations


3. Confirm you have entered the correct cost object. Check that the send email box is checked. Selecting Continue will send an email to the cost object owner.

Send email to cost object owner in MUMMS


4. A confirmation box will appear indicating you have notified the cost object owner of your pending request.

cost object approver has been notified confirmation screen.

If you need to change a previously approved cost object, please contact the MIT.nano financial officer.