Activate & manage your services

Your MIT.nano and MTL services will not be activated until your prerequisite training(s) are completed and cost object authorized.

1. To join the appropriate training group(s), login to MUMMS and go to Manage Your Services.

Manage Your Services in MUMMS


2. Next to Prerequisites, click Show Details to find direct links to the EHS training group(s) in Atlas that you are required to complete in order to activate your services.

Show prerequisites in MUMMS


3. Join the relevant training group(s) in Atlas. After joining, new required training courses will appear in your My Training Needs list.

Join group on Atlas


Atlas My Training Needs


In addition to completing all prerequisite training(s), your cost object must be authorized in order for your services to be activated. You can see if your cost object has been approved on the Manage Your Services page next to Charge Categories. In the image shown in #2 above, the cost object has not yet been approved. In the image below, the cost object has been approved.

MUMMS Charge Categories

Learn how to send a reminder email to your cost object approver in this step-by-step guide.