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Titan Themis Z G3 Cs-Corrected S/TEM

The Thermo Fisher Scientific (TFS) Themis Z G3 aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) achieves < 0.6 Å resolution and is equipped with an optimized monochromator for < 30 meV energy resolution at 60 kV, a Gatan Continuum electron energy loss spectrometer and image filter, a TFS Super-X energy dispersive x-ray spectrometer system, a segmented STEM detector for fast DPC and iDPC imaging, a Lorentz lens, a 16 megapixel Ceta II camera with 300 fps capture rate, and a 4D STEM EMPAD camera. Single tilt, double tilt, and tomography holders are available. The instrument can be operated at 60, 200, and 300 kV for the flexibility to accommodate a range electron beam sensitive materials.  

  • 60 kV-300 kV operating range 
  • Piezoelectric stage for compensating drift and fine sample movements
  • Sub-1 Å imaging at 60 kV (particularly useful for 2D materials)
  • Monochromator with < 30 meV energy resolution in EELS (vibrational spectroscopy and automated alignment software)
  • Gatan Continuum spectrometer and imaging filter (atomic resolution chemical mapping with monochromated EELS) 
  • 4 quadrant EDS detector with separable signals from each detector (atomic resolution elemental mapping with energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS))
  • Imaging and EDS tomography to reconstruct structure and chemistry in 3D
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific EMPAD detector with > 1,000 pattern/s capture rate for 4D STEM
  • Fast 4k x 4k CMOS camera (up to 300 frames per second at 512x512)
  • Segmented diode detector for fast mapping of electromagnetic fields (differential phase contrast) and light elements (integrated differential phase contrast)
  • Magnetic domains imaging via Lorentz lens settings 
  • Compatibility with a wide range of accessory in-situ holders (not yet available)
  • Custom Python interface
  • Atomic-resolution imaging and spectroscopy 
  • Correlating morphology, structure, and chemistry
  • Magnetic nanostructure characterization
  • Tomography for imaging and 3D elemental Distributions
  • Elemental and chemical analyses of small analytical volumes

MIT.nano (basement level)
60 Vassar Street (rear)
Cambridge, MA


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Other Academics 125.00 210.00
External                375.50 630.00
Reservation Rules

Prior electron microscopy imaging experience is required to become an independent user


Aubrey Penn, PhD           
Building 12 (basement)            
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Anna Osherov, PhD
MIT.nano (5th floor)
60 Vassar Street (rear)
Cambridge, MA