Code of conduct

MIT.nano is a set of shared facilities, therefore it is essential that all users act in a professional, collegial manner and follow the User Code of Conduct outlined below.  It is crucial that all MIT.nano users strictly adhere to this code of conduct, in addition to the user policies, for the safety of people, projects, and tools.

  • I will follow MIT.nano's User Policies, and all lab guidelines and protocols.
  • I will never share my access card or allow tailgating behind me.
  • I will only use equipment where I am trained and qualified by staff.
  • I will only work on approved processes and projects - process or project modifications will be resubmitted for approval.
  • I will never use a tool under someone else's name or CORAL engagement. I will always engage when using a tool, disengaged when finished, and I will enter all data accurately in the CORAL dialog boxes.
  • I will not abuse CORAL reservations or reserve equipment "just in case". Instead, I will reserve only the time I need and cancel unnecessary reservations ASAP.
  • I will promptly report machine problems in CORAL. I will not operate tools that are shutdown (red-light in CORAL).
  • I will clean up after myself.
  • I will exit the lab before closing time, unless I am authorized to work in the lab outside of normal operating hours: Mon-Thurs 8am-9pm, Fri 8am-7pm.
  • When I am in doubt, I will ask!
  • I will respect other users' samples and projects as much as I do my own.
  • I will follow the Working Together Policy.