Lenscloud 3D scanner

The Lenscloud scanner can produce high volume 360-degree scans of human bodies and large objects. The tool has 120 cameras and uses custom software that allows for fast capture review, giving enough information to evaluate data within minutes of capture.

a statue surrounded by camerasThis tool is reconfigurable and adaptable to the physical asset. With the Lenscloud, researchers can create 3D assets for augmented reality and virtual reality, digital fabrication, or as visual aids. Read more from Lenscloud.

Each photogrammetric 3D scan is really two parts:
- Capture
- Processing

In the first stage, two sets of 120 images are captured in order to generate both the point cloud and texture files. In the second stage, the images are processed to generate the 3D model. Users are welcome to utilize the workstations in the Immersion Lab to process their images in RealityCapture. From RealityCapture, you can export your 3D reconstructed models to a variety of file formats and into your favorite 3D modeling software (e.g., Blender, Maya, 3ds Max). You may also take the set of photographs that comprise each "scan" to process in your own photogrammetry software.

Many application areas utilize Lenscloud technology. See what you can do with this tool for: