New User Orientation Characterization.nano

Characterization.nano orientation provides an introduction to MIT.nano advanced measurement and characterization capabilities with emphasis on the state-of-the-art equipment located outside the MIT.nano cleanroom facilities.

Completion is recommended to those interested in accessing Characterization.nano instrumentation located in the non-cleanroom spaces only. Those seeking to access metrology instrumentation located both inside and outside the cleanroom facilities, have to complete MIT.nano fab and metrology combined orientation. The MIT.nano characterization orientation components include:

  1. Broad overview of the different facilities and capabilities at MIT.nano. Emphasis will be made on advanced imaging and analysis capabilities;
  2. Background on how work is conducted on MIT.nano's shared equipment;
  3. Brief overview of characterization work safety rules;
  4. Tour through the different characterization lab spaces. Participants are encouraged to ask questions to relate MIT.nano capabilities to their research interests and needs.

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