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Gemini 450 SEM

The Gemini 450 SEM, from Zeiss, is a field emission scanning electron microscope. The instrument combines ultrahigh resolution imaging with the capability to perform advanced analytics while maintaining flexibility and ease-of-use.


  • Magnification: x12-2M
  • Acceleration: Voltage 0.02-30kV
  • Probe current: 3pA-40nA
  • 5-axes motorized eucentric specimen stage (X,Y=130mm, Z=50mm, T=-4deg-70deg, R-360deg)


  • Everhart Thornley Secondary Electron Detector
  • Inlens Secondary Electron Detector
  • Inlens Energy Selective Backscatteres Electron Detector (EsB)
  • High efficiency Variable Pressure Secondary electron Detector (VPSE)
  • Angular selective Backscattered Detector
  • Annular STEM Detector (aSTEM4)
  • Oxford AZtec 100 EDS Detector

Imaging Modes

  • High Vacuum (HV) mode – standard mode for analyzing conductive specimens.
  • Variable Presurre (VP) mode – beneficial for imaging non-conductive specimens without additional specimen preparation. The partial pressure in the chamber is between 5 – 30Pa.
  • Nano VP mode – enhanced VP mode with an inserted Beamsleeve aperture below the objective lens. The partial pressure in the chamber is 5 – 150Pa (350 μm Beamsleeve aperture) or 5 – 40Pa (800 μm Beamsleeve aperture).

MIT.nano (basement level)
60 Vassar Street (rear)
Cambridge, MA

  Self Use 
Staff Assisted 
MIT Academics    55.00 140.00
Other Academics 71.50 182.00
External                214.50 420.00


* Introductory rates valid for 2020

Reservation Rules

Prior electron microscopy imaging experience is required to become an independent user

Please fill Gemini 450 SEM-Imaging Vault form prior to your first session and update as needed!


Anna Osherov, PhD

Paul Tierney                            
12-0184                     TRAINING REQUEST

James M. Daley