Safety training

COVID-19 Training Information for Returning Users

Returning users are required to complete a check-in training session prior to re-entering MIT.nano labs.

In this training session, we discuss our Guide for Returning to MIT.nano Labs, which covers the new behaviors, routines, and lab-specific protocols our research community will follow in order to reduce virus transmission risks as we resume research activities.

Email to schedule your check-in session. If demand increases, we will post regularly scheduled group sessions again.

Please reference these presentation handouts to review the new and modified lab protocols that are now in effect:

Returning to campus is new for all of us, so please reach out to us with any questions, comments, or concerns at

Safety Training Program

The potential hazards in MIT.nano research spaces are diverse, including chemical, biological, and radiation safety considerations. In order to prepare researchers to build a foundational understanding of the hazards associated with their work, the research activities performed in each MIT.nano research space have been assessed to determine the appropriate training requirements.

If you plan to activate a service in MUMMS, join the associated Training Group to assign the relevant training to your Learning Center profile. Click on the MIT.nano Services below in order to learn more about the Training Groups and the training needed in order to gain access to MIT.nano laboratories.

Please note, MUMMS and the Learning Center are separate systems. Depending on when you complete the training, there may be up to a 24-hour delay before training completions are updated in your account.

In addition to safety trainings, all MIT.nano users must review and adhere to the user policies. Violation of any of these policies may result in revoked access.

Fab.nano services:

Characterization.nano services:

  • CryoEM
  • Metrology Imaging and X-Ray - New metrology imaging and X-Ray capabilities are being installed and training will become available when the capabilities are open to users.

Immersion Lab services:

  • Immersion Lab - Services for the Immersion Lab to be used for research purposes are in development.