Creative arts and music

The MIT.nano Immersion Lab offers tools and the space for artists, musicians and other creators looking to combine technology and art. Many artistic fields are exploring how immersive technologies and data can be used to communicate ideas, entertain, and inspire. Tools like motion capture can be used not only to create performances and art installations but also to study the ergonomics of how musicians and dancers move and use their bodies.

In the future, we may consider proposals to use the Immersion Lab as a temporary installation space for exhibits using 3D/4D visualization, spatial sound, and haptic technology.

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Sample projects and research

Augmenting Opera

two women projected on a wall

Music and Theater Arts Professor Jay Scheib received a 2020 MIT.nano Immersion Lab Gaming Program seed grant for his project to create a production using AR techniques that would make use of existing extended reality (XR) technology, such as live video effects and live special effects processed in real time and projected back onto a surface or into headsets. He intends to develop an XR prototype for an augmented live performance of Richard Wagner’s opera “Parsifal” through the use of game engines for real-time visual effects processing in live performance environments.

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